Save Our Future: Defend our Learning

Dear World Leaders,

Can we talk for a second?

We know you’re busy right now, but we miss going to school.

We like playing all day, but for some of us, when we go back to school
next year, we will have to repeat our class.

We like that we can wear anything we want to with online learning, but it’s kind of hard to focus on a computer all day.

We miss playing with our friends. We wonder if they are ok.

We don’t really get to make friends on the computer.

We think it’s hard for our teachers. They try to get us to listen… but
some kids can be really naughty.

We miss our teachers and all the other grown-ups that help us in school; we wish could see them.

Our families try really hard to take care of us, but we know they have a lot of
work to do.

We didn’t think we’d ever say this BUT we really miss going to school.

COVID-19 is a virus spreading all around the world and its super contagious that is
why we cannot go to school.

And we know you have to fix the world and make sure everyone is healthy.

We want that too!

But we also want to learn.

So we want three things:

1. We all learn even when schools are closed;

2. We go back to school when it is safe;

3. World leaders and rich people, help us get better education so we can be anything we want to be.


Don’t forget about us, and all the other children around the world.


Save Our Future: Defend our learning.

The children of the world